Blockstone & Sawn Section

Operating and extracting natural stone from our own quarries ensures reliability and consistency of supply, large stockpiles and quick availability in a wide range of indigenous UK stones.

Fairhurst Stone can offer dimensional blockstone, billets, slab and sawn six sides sections suitable for processing into cladding, paving, wallings and bespoke masoned products such as heads, cills, jambs and mullions.

Dimensional Blockstone is normally held in stock in a variety of block sizes at each of our quarries, typically ranging from 8 to 15 tonnes in size. Larger and smaller blockstone can also be made available with short notice.

We usually have the full  range of Dimensional Blockstones from all our quarries at our yard in Langcliffe, Settle to allow collection or delivery in mixed loads.

Slab is usually available from stock in 50, 63, 75 and 100 mm thicknesses, with sawn six sides normally being available in 50, 100, 140, 150 mm section. Other thicknesses and sizes are available to order, usually with short lead times.

A full nationwide and economical delivery service, using our own fleet of artic vehicles operated by our own team of experienced drivers is also available, delivery being in full loads of 24 – 26 tonnes.


Whitworth Blue Sandstone

Predominantly blue/grey with varied black swirling and occasional buff/brown markings. Well compacted, very hard, fine grained, cross bedded sandstone from the millstone grit series of carboniferous age.

  • Density (typically): 2,530 kg/m3
  • Water Absorption (typically): 1.7 %

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Marsh Sandstone

Marsh Yorkstone is a medium to fine grained sandstone from the Millstone Grit series of carboniferous age. Predominately buff in colour with subtle lighter and darker markings throughout.

  • Density (typically): 2,421 kg/m3
  • Water Absorption (typically): 2.4 %

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Corncockle Red Sandstone

Corncockle is a red brown, non-calcareous, fine to medium grained sandstone of the Permian age with darker flecks and coarser laminae occurring occasionally.

  • Density (typically): 2,132 kg/m3
  • Water Absorption: 5.7 %

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Langcliffe Buff Sandstone

A predominantly pale cream buff sandstone with occasional fine light brown markings, Langcliffe Buff is a well compacted, very fine grained, non bedded sandstone from Spain.

  • Density (typically): 2,315 kg/m3

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